Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund


Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund


 One of the things that distinguishes MCCC from other counseling groups is our scholarship fund. This fund is money that is set aside to provide counseling to individuals who do not have the financial resources or insurance to pay for counseling. Everyone pays something, as they are able, so that they may have an investment in the counseling process. The balance of fees is drawn from the Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund.

The Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund is comprised of donations from individuals and churches and from grants from local foundations. All of this fund goes to providing counseling. Although MCCC does accept insurance, we do not accept Medicare and no longer accept Medicaid. Because of this, the need for the scholarship fund increases, while the need for counseling continues to grow. With our current economic situation, more and more people are coming to MCCC needing some type of assistance in paying for their sessions.

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center has always felt the desire to serve people regardless of their ability to pay. That is why it is vitally important that we seek help and financial support from people like you. There are many ways that you can support the ministry of Mimosa Christian Counseling Center — prayer, volunteering your time, fund raising events and, of course, direct financial contributions.

Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund Statistics

Over 6,000 sessions have been supplemented by the scholarship fund.

To date, Over half a million dollars has been drawn from the fund to help pay for counseling for those who do not have the financial resources or insurance to pay for counseling.

Of all the clients that MCCC has worked with, 31% have received help from the Mimosa Christian Counseling Fund. This number continues to grow at an astounding rate.