Mimosa Christian Counseling Center Morganton North Carolina

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center

Our Mission

The mission of Mimosa Christian Counseling Center is to restore hope and relationships for a better community through Christ-centered professional counseling.

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center seeks to provide professional counseling and to facilitate emotional growth and enrichment of each individual’s unique purpose and plan.

Life is a journey which, at times, can become difficult and confusing. We believe that each person is gifted for a vital role in this journey, but these gifts are sometimes unrealized because of emotional hurts and scars.

Our Christian Counseling services, provided by well-trained, compassionate and caring counselors, are intended to help restore hope, encourage personal growth, heal emotional wounds, and strengthen one’s faith in God.

Hello from Mimosa Christian Counseling Center!

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Who are We?

MCCC is a mission-focused service for Christians and Non-Christians alike, who are in need of renewed hope, and improved mental health wellness. All of our Christian counselors have attained doctorate or masters degrees, and are state licensed. Major insurances are accepted.

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian Counseling represents an integration of professional counseling methods with Biblical truths and principles. It recognizes the role of the Holy Spirit in emotional healing. Development of a closer relationship with God can be encouraged. What is Christian Counseling versus Secular Counseling?

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center is a 501(c) (3) Christian faith based, community-supported organization established in 2004. MCCC has served over 2000 area families, adults, and children in need. SEE “Our Services“ tab page.

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Please note for confidentiality reasons, appointments and other MCCC counseling business cannot be made, or replied to through this “No-Reply” email address.

Seeds of Hope: An Art Journal Retreat

MCCC is applying for a grant and hopes to offer this opportunity soon. Seeds of Hope focuses on the healing arts by providing opportunities for women to visually express their experiences, reactions, and hopes for a better future. Allowing participants to put their heart into an art journal, a notebook in which they create collages, simple drawings, colorful pictures, uplifting notes to self, inspiring words or lyrics, and personal reflections, women will be able to release stored-up emotions safely and seek solutions within a safe group setting.