Thank you for Helping Mimosa Christian Counseling Center Help Others

Dear Friends,

With your help, Mimosa Christian Counseling Center (MCCC) is able to offer mental health counseling from a Christian perspective to clients in Burke and neighboring counties. For those who have no Pastor for counseling service or prefer to go elsewhere for Christian guidance and support, for Pastors who need to refer folks to trustworthy trained and licensed Christian professionals, for clients in our area who are otherwise financially unable to receive these services, Mimosa is here.

This year, the Board and staff of MCCC faced some critical funding and staffing challenges We looked critically at our present operations and identified specific areas of need, including adding counselors, increasing advertising, growing client base, expanding geographic outreach, improving interface with the community, expanding church relationships, improving fund raising efforts and increasing MCCC Board membership.

We prayerfully asked for divine guidance in decision-making and were reminded that only through God’s grace have we provided this service to clients for over twelve years. We decided that now was not the time to limit His faithful provision. An action plan was generated and put into immediate effect. God has continued to open doors and supply our needs, with progress ongoing towards all goals.

We ask you to give generously this year to support Mimosa. If you have already given, please give again as you are able! It is only through you that we are able to provide Christian counseling service in our community, with over 30% of our clients unable to pay for treatment. Good things are happening at the Center. We are available and eager to talk to churches, Sunday School classes, civic groups, mission teams, neighborhood groups, etc. Ask us to share our story.

Thank you for helping Mimosa Christian Counseling Center help others.


Ann Blackwell, President
Mimosa Christian Counseling Center Board of Directors

Amy Coley, Vice-President
Doris Bentley, Secretary
Ed Hardin, Treasurer
Robert Murray
Tom Bland
Bill Lennon
Bill Hall
Dave Beck
Jane Rawson, Ph.D., Clinical Director