An Open Letter to Our Faithful Donors and Supporting Churches

We could not do it without you! Thank you for helping Mimosa Christian Counseling Center to meet Mental Health needs in our community this year. The work of MCCC is to guide clients in the restoration of hope and healing in relationships and mental health through Christ-centered professional counseling services. Meeting these needs is critical, regardless of how able people are to pay for the services. This year, over 1/3 of our clients required full or partial subsidized assistance from the Mimosa Fund. That’s where You come in. You are the Mimosa Fund! MCCC is a non-profit agency, but even non-profits have to balance their budgets and pay the bills. Without your help, we could not afford to offer counseling services to those who otherwise cannot pay for it.

Thank you again for giving back to our community and providing another way for people to get help. When you can donate again, please do. Our needs are ongoing. God bless you.

Ann Blackwell
Mimosa Christian Counseling Board of Directors

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