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Mimosa Christian Counseling Center Sponsors May as National Mental Health Monthclick to read

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center, with locations in Morganton and Rutherford College, recently observed its ninth anniversary and celebrated May as National Mental Health Month.

Founded 2004 as a Burke County non-profit Christian outreach with mission focus for mental health counseling, MCCC has worked with nearly 1800 individuals and families in restoring hope and relationships while coping with life’s challenges.

Mimosa Christian Counseling serves all of Burke County, and a thirty mile area including, Catawba, Caldwell and McDowell with five state certified specialized counselors led by Jane Rawson Ph.D. as Clinical Coordinator. 

In remarks before Morganton City Council, MCCC representatives stated that the need for ease of access and affordable counseling has never been greater, nor more in the forefront of community and national news as underscored by recent tragedies.  Yet, one in four persons will forego counseling due to public stigmas about mental health issues, or the lack of affordability, or no traditional insurance and coverage. 

Mental health issues arise in many forms.  Many are family or social based in origin, others may be related to problems with factors having  a true medical, health origin, or component. 

 Rich or poor, young or adult, Mimosa Christian Counseling seeks to assist those who can benefit from its focus on preventing and eliminating anxiety and distress.    

MCCC receives no government assistance. It strongly relies on private donations, church and community support, and grants to help meet the cost of therapy provided.

Over 30% of individuals seen by MCCC require some financial assistance provided through its donation funded 501c3 Mimosa Scholarship Fund.

 In closing remarks at Council, “almost everyone knows of someone, friend or family, who has suffered with mental health issues of varying types and degrees of severity. 

Mimosa Christian Counseling joins with others in the mental health community to ask citizen support of May as National Mental Health Month”.


Pictured L to RSteve Bailey, Dave Beck Ed. D,   David Smith,   Rev. Laura Roach MCCC Counselor,   Mayor Mel Cohen of Morganton,   Allen Fullwood,   Bill Lennon MCCC Board President,  Ed Morse, Ed. D,   Jane Rawson, Ph.D.  MCCC Counselor /Coordinator

 For more info Contact Bill Lennon  828-433-7058 cell  or The MCCC office 828-433-5600

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