Board of Directors

MCCC Board of Directors

MCCC Board of Directors

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center is governed by a board of directors that represents multiple churches and denominations and various walks of life. The board has been very active this year in spreading the word about our services and in participating in fundraisers. Most of all, they have kept the faith. What a blessing it is to serve with these wonderful folks!

Mimosa’s active Board of Directors consists of dedicated community volunteers who assist with leadership, outreach, community relations and fundraising. The 2016 Board of Directors includes:

Ann Blackwell, President
Amy Coley, Vice President
Doris Bentley, Secretary
Ed Hardin, Treasurer

Dave Beck (Past President)
Rev. Dr.Tom Bland, Jr.
Bill Hall
Bill Lennon (Past President)
Robert Murray

Mimosa Christian Counseling Center welcomes involvement in its mission to restore hope and relationships for a better community through Christ-centered professional counseling. We invite you to consider partnering with us to support and expand our ability to meet the mental health needs of our community. Contact us at (828) 433-5600.